Nakliyat Şirketi depolama istanbul evden eve nakliyat


Author: Dean Johns
Subjects: Politics, Social Studies
Condition: Good
ISBN: 9789675832314
Publisher: SIRD
Price: RM25.00

Some comments on this and previous books of Dean Johns’ weekly columns for

“.. a style of writing that – trust us – will make you smile, laugh, sigh, curse or roll your eyes up as you go along. This is a book to be read once and taken out again at regular intervals by all those who wish to reminiscence, regret, rejoice and celebrate together with that curious species known as Malaysians. – S. Vicknesan, former Opinions/Features Editor,

“In years to come, scholars researching the tumultuous cultural, social and political transformations distinguishing the period leading up tp and immediately after Malaysia’s 12th general election will discover within these pages a rich lode of scintillating insights, along with a treasure trove of belly laughs.” – Antares,

“..a great value-for-money package of excellent socio-political commentaries written in a witty fashion for the enjoyment of readers, with the funny yet useful bonus of an object lesson in lexical facility and verbal gymnastics for students of the English language.” – Ktemoc,

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