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A Guide for the English Language Teacher: A Malaysian Perspective

Author: Maya Khemlani David
Format: Paperback, 143 pages
Subject: Education
ISBN: 9789833782093
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2007
Price: RM18.00


“This book is based on my experience as a language teacher for over twenty years and some of the chapters have been adapted and revised from early research papers and articles. This book starts with a description of the socio-historical backdrop of language policies in multilingual, multiracial Malaysia. Having to cater to national, international and diverse ethnic interests has not been an easy task vis-a-vis language policies but a vigilant government has ensured that policies changed and change with changing scenarios and demands. Keeping aligned with evolving needs is necessary as languages empower individuals and nations to progress both socially and economically.

While this book covers many topics and suggests some important issues in language teaching, it also acknowledges that there are many other means of effective language teaching which have not been discussed. There is no one correct way of teaching second or foreign languages and we must be eclectic in our teaching. I hope that my experiences will be of benefit to language teachers.”


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