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An Alternative Vision for Malaysia in

An Alternative Vision For Malaysia: A socialist point of view –

Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj’s An Alternative Vision for Malaysia gets 8/10 in a book review!

The reviewer notes that the work is an accessible introduction to socialist principles and a useful book for those who want to learn how to apply socialist thinking to major issues such as transport and healthcare, particularly in a Malaysian context.

The reviewer also commends Devaraj’s account of how contemporary capitalism erodes basic working conditions and the standard of living of working people and the poor. Whilst he also notes how the discussion on socialism and culture is key in a country like Malaysia where issues of religion and ethnicity are more than ever political issues.

As the reviewer argues the importance of Dr Devaraj’s work in the end is that it offers an alternative vision to the prevailing narratives of capitalist globalization and neoliberalism which Malaysia as a developing country can still learn from.

As it is, thanks to progressive publishing ventures like SIRD and Gerakbudaya, Malaysians who see the urgent need for an alternative to capitalism, and to counter dominant narratives that present capitalism as the only possible reality, will find much hope and ideas for concrete action in this book.

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