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Banana Punk Rawk Trails – Online Launch


SIRD is soon to release the hotly anticipated travel diary / music chronicle of Marco Ferarrese, “Banana Punk Rawk Trails: A Euro Fools Metal Punk Journeys in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia“. Whilst Marco is perhaps best known to the average Malaysian as the author of the infamous Nazi Goreng, he is known to the average Malaysian punk as the guitarist for Malaysian thrashcore metal band WEOT SKAM which for years he has traveled around Southeast Asia with as the “white elephant in the room” providing him with an outsiders perspective on which to write about the punk scene in the developing world.

For all those who can’t contain their excitement for the launch of the book Marco has set up as an online space to showcase and document the Punk scene in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia, chronicle the launch events for Banana Punk Rawk Trails and continue to update the world on his travels through the punk underworld that the tourist boards never tell you about.

Featuring events, music showcases and book recommendations, it should keep you going until you get your hands on the real thing!

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