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Critical States: Environmental Challenges to Development in Monsoon Southeast Asia

Editors: Anond Snidvongs, Chen-Tung Arthur Chen, Louis Lebel, Rajesh Daniel
Format: Paperback, 473 pages
Subjects: Environment & Ecology, Social Studies, Southeast Asia
ISBN: 9789833782628
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2009
Price: RM65.00


Extraordinarily rapid economic development has radically transformed urban-industrial, agrarian and marine environments throughout Southeast Asia. Future development is now being constrained, however, by the consequences of decades of largely unregulated exploitation of the region’s rich natural resources and biodiversity. It has also increased or altered the vulnerabilities of Southeast Asian populations to climatic variables, flooding and global economic shifts.

Critical States provides transboundary “state-of-the-science” reviews, case studies, and assessments of issues in the environmental change-development nexus, including: governance and institutional challenges, urbanization, climate change, poverty, as well as land, energy, and water use.


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