Nakliyat Şirketi depolama istanbul evden eve nakliyat

Ethnic Relations in Malaysia: Harmony & Conflict (New edition)


Author: Syed Husin Ali
Format: Paperback, 213 pages
Subject: Ethnic Studies
ISBN: 9789670630458
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2014
Price: RM32.00

With Malaysia in the throes of sweeping political change, academic turned political activist Dr Syed Husin Ali traces how ethnicity has been manipulated, since Independence, by Malaysian politicians for their own gain to the detriment of the masses.

In articles spanning more than three decades, collected for the first time here, he dissects the origins, fallacies and destructive nature of ethnic politics in Malaysia and examines the issue of class versus ethnicity or race. It is time, he argues, for an end to race or ethnic-based politics. In this new edition, the author has updated the book in terms of facts and events, and included two more articles.

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