Minister of Finance Incorporated: Ownership and Control of Corporate Malaysia

Authors: Terence Gomez with Thirshalar Padmanabhan, Norfaryanti Kamaruddin, Sunil Bhalla and Fikri FisalNew Pb286 pp.Subjects: Law & Business, MalaysiaCondition: GoodPublisher: SIRDPublished: 2017 ISBN: 9789670960807 Price: RM45.00   This is a study of Malaysia’s new political economy, with a focus on ownership

The Development of Malaysian Capitalism

Author: Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux New Pb425 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Economics, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD Published: 2017ISBN: 9789670960555Price: RM65.00 As Malaysia grappled with bitter ethnic and political tensions at the end of the 1960s, the government initiated growth-oriented

Malaysian and their Identities

Editor: Yeoh Seng Guan Format: Paperback 200 pp. Subjects: Politics, Culture, MalaysiaPublisher: SIRD Published: 2017ISBN: 9789670960661Price: RM28.00 Malaysians and their Identities presents a kaleidoscope of insights based on original empirical research by young Malaysian scholars. Among others, their topics cover

Access to Justice: Women’s Experiences in Penang Syariah Courts

Author: Shariza Kamarudin Format: Paperback 142 pp. Subjects: Gender, Law, ReligionPublisher: SIRD Published: 2017ISBN: 9789670960678Price: RM25.00 In Access to Justice Shariza Kamarudin offers a rare insight into the lives and experiences of women as they navigate their way through the

Getting By: Class and State Formation among Chinese in Malaysia

Author: Donald M. Nonini Format: Paperback 348 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia, Ethnic Studies Publisher: SIRD Published: 2017 ISBN: 9789670960692 Price: RM50.00 “Exceptional scholarship! In Getting By Donald M. Nonini offers an insightful critique of three long-standing theoretical perspectives on

Electoral Dynamics in Sarawak: Contesting Developmentalism and Rights

Editors: Meredith L. Weiss and Arnold PuyokFormat: Paperback 120pp.Subjects: History, Politics, Southeast AsiaCondition: Good Publisher: SIRD & ISEASPublished: 2017ISBN: 9789670960562Price: RM30.00 Based upon observation of the 2016 Sarawak state elections at a time of political turmoil for the ruling Barisan

Water Governance Dynamics in The Mekong Region

Editors: David J.H. Blake & Lisa Robins Format: Paperback 322 pp. Subjects: Development, Environment & Ecology, Southeast AsiaPublisher: SIRD Published: 2016ISBN: 9789670960449Price: RM50.00   The Mekong Program on Water, Environment and Resilience (M-POWER) is a network of organizations and individuals

Retrospective: A Historiographical Aesthetic in Contemporary Singapore and Malaysia

Author: June Yap Format: Paperback 355 pp. Subjects: Arts & Culture, Malaysia, SingaporePublisher: SIRD Published: 2016ISBN: 9789670960401Price: RM50.00   Developed as an exploratory study of artworks by artists of Singapore and Malaysia, Retrospective attempts to account for contemporary artworks that

Gila Balak: Menelusur jejak-jejak mafia kayu balak Asia

Author: Lukas Straumann Format: Paperback 323 pp. Subjects: Environment & Ecology, MalaysiaPublisher: SIRD Published: 2016ISBN: 9789670960494Price: RM40.00   Gila Balak menyiasat apa yang telah disebut oleh Gordon Brown sebagai “jenayah alam sekitar terbesar masa kini”: kerosakan hutan hujan secara besar-besaran

The Malayan Communist Party As Recorded in the Comintern Files

Author: Fujio Hara Format: Paperback 164 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia Publisher: SIRD Published: 2016ISBN: 9789670960531Price: RM30.00 Comintern (Communist International, 1919-1943) files kept in a Russian Archive were opened to the public in 1991. Various documents relating to the

A Life Beyond Boundaries

Author: Benedict AndersonFormat: Paperback 205 pp.Subject: History & Biography, Memoir, Politics, Southeast Asia ISBN: 9789670960432Publisher: SIRDPublished: 2016Price: RM35.00 An intellectual memoir by the author of the acclaimed Imagined Communities. Born in China, Benedict Anderson spent his childhood in California and Ireland, was educated in

Power Sharing in Divided Nation

Author: Johan SaravanamuttuFormat: Paperback 323 pp.Subject: Malaysia, PoliticsISBN: 9789814695435Publisher: SIRDPublished: 2016Price: RM70.00 This book argues that Malaysia’s electoral politics have historically been premised on a hybridized model of communalism and consociationalism. Beyond this it posits a newer idea of power sharing based

Malaysia in Troubled Times

Author: Shankaran NambiarFormat: Paperback 117 pp.Subject: Economics, MalaysiaISBN:9789670960425 Publisher: SIRDPublished: 2016Price: RM25.00 The recent past has been tumultuous for Malaysia. Malaysia has been rocked by economic uncertainties, political turmoil and allegations of financial scandals. The economy has had to face domestically

The End of UMNO? ( Essays on Malaysia’s Dominant Party )

Author: Bridget Welsh, Clive S Kessler, James Chin, John Funston & Saifuddin AbdullahFormat: Paperback 290 pp.Subject: Malaysia & PoliticsISBN: 9789670960463Publisher: SIRDPublished: 2016Price: RM55.00 What is the future of UMNO? Is UMNO’s 70th year, in fact, the beginning of the end? The contributors in this collection study developments

Kerajaan : Budaya Politik Melayu di Ambang Pemerintahan Kolonial

Author: Anthony MilnerFormat: Paperback 274 pp.Subject: History & Biography, Malaysia & PoliticsISBN: 9789670960265Publisher: SIRDPublished: 2016First Published: 1982Price: RM48.00 Sebuah kajian perintis dan provokatif tentang pemikiran politik Melayu di ambang pemerintahan kolonial – berdasarkan sumber-sumber Melayu dan Eropah, dan mengetengahkan isu-isu yang

Kerajaan : Malay Political Culture on the Eve of Colonial Rule

Author: Anthony MilnerFormat: Paperback 274 pp.Subject: History & Biography, Malaysia & PoliticsISBN: 9789670960067Publisher: SIRDPublished: 2016First Published: 1982Price: RM48.00 A pioneering, provocative study of Malay political thought on the eve of colonial rule – based on both Malay and European source materials,

Death of the Dragon God Lake

Author: Isabel Crabtree Parker, Jonathan Crabtree Parker, Miranda Crabtree Parker & Sara Ashencaen CrabtreeFormat: Paperback 269 pp.Subject: Environment & Ecology, Ethnic Studies, MalaysiaISBN:  9789670960241Publisher: SIRDPublished: 2016Price: RM35.00 Death of the Dragon God Lake is a family ethnography focusing on the Jakun of

Punk, Penentangan dan Politik Transnasionalisme

Editors: Muhamad Takiyuddin Ismail Muhammad Febriansyah Sharifah Nursyahidah Syed Annuar Format: Paperback 194 pp. Subjects: Arts & Culture, Social Studies, Southeast AsiaPublisher: SIRD Published: 2016ISBN: 9789670960500Price: RM28.00 Punk seringkali dipandang negatif dan dilemparkan dengan tuduhan-tuduhan seperti sampah masyarakat, tidak berguna,

Marco Ferrarese interviewed on Sharpened Word

Marco Ferrarese author of “Banana Punk Rawk Trails: A Euro-Fool’s Metal Punk Journeys in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia” has been interviewed in the latest edition of Sharpened Word Literary Matinee talking about his latest book with SIRD, his writing process

Call for Papers – Misplaced Democracy (2nd Edition)

Launched in 2014, “Misplaced Democracy: Malaysian Politics and People” has made an important contribution to the study of Malaysian politics and society. Published in the wake of the 13th General Election it spoke not only to researchers and scholars of

Tommy Thomas’s Books Reviewed at

Tommy Thomas’s two latest books Abuse of Power and Anything but the Law received a great review recently on alongside an interview with the author in which he explains why he decided to embark on this project.  

Menyanggah Belenggu: Kerancuan Fikiran Masakini

Author: Azhar Ibrahim Format: Paperback 266 pp. Subject: Social Studies ISBN: 9789670960159 Publisher: SIRD Published: 2016 Price: RM38.00   Sebagai seorang ilmuan, Dr. Azhar Ibrahim menghayati  isu-isu dalam Pengajian Melayu sebagai rangkaian yang kait mengait, memahami satu bidang memerlukan pengolahan bidang

Ide-Ide Reformasi Islam Malaysia Kini: Ilham dari Jiwa Pengajaran ulama-ulama Tariq Shah Wali Ullah al Dihlawi Silam Kelantan

Author: Nik Aziz Nik HasanFormat: Paperback 344 pp.ISBN: 9789670960197Publisher: SIRDPublished: 2016Price: RM40.00   Kegiatan keilmuan ulama-ulama reformis Tariq Shah Wali ullah al Dehlawi di Kelantan mulai dalam tahun 1934 sehingga awal abad ke 21 (sebagaimana yang terdapat dalam bab 2

Poh Soo Kai at the Launch of Living in a Time of Deception

SIRD has recently been pleased to release, in cooperation with Function 8 in Singapore, both an English and Chinese language biography of our friend Poh Soo Kai, a former member of Barisan Socialis and political detainee. Launched on April 2,

Gender Responsive & Participatory Budgeting

Alongside the release by SIRD of Cecilia Ng’s edited volume “Gender Responsive & Participatory Budgeting: Imperatives for Equitable Public Expenditure” there has been lots of talk in the media on the topic of Gender Responsive Budgeting. It is then a

Art-Led Participative Processes: Dialogue & Subjectivity within Performances in the Everyday

Author: Jay Koh Format: Paperback 214 pp. Subject: Arts & Culture ISBN: 9789670960180 Publisher: SIRD Published: 2016 Price: RM38.00 Art-Led Participative Processes (ALPP) encapsulate artist Jay Koh’s public participative methodology, which emphasises agency, critical engagement, the ownership of actions and

Aktivisme Mahasiswa Malaysia

Author: Meredith L. Weiss Format: Paperback 378 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Politics, Social Studies ISBN: 9789670960098 Publisher: SIRD Published: 2016 Price: RM45.00 (Terjemahan from “Student Activism in Malaysia: Crucible, Mirror, Sideshow” published by NUS Press in 2011) Buku ini menjejaki kebangkitan

The Malaysian Islamic Party PAS 1951-2013: Islamism in a Mottled Nation

Author/Editor: Farish A Noor Format: Paperback Pb260 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia, Politics, Religion ISBN: 9789670960173 Publisher: SIRD Published: 2016 Price: RM40.00 The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) happens to be one of the oldest and biggest political parties in

Gender Responsive & Participatory Budgeting: Imperatives for Equitable Public Expenditure

Editor: Cecilia Ng Format: Paperback 210 pp. Subjects: Economics, Gender & Sexuality, Social Studies ISBN: 9789670960036 Publisher: SIRD Published: 2016 Price: RM38.00 This unique book explores the exciting new democratic spaces that open up when budgets get participatory. The experiences

Symposia 5 – Defending Women, Defending Borders?: Gender and the Migrant Worker Experience

Location: Gerakbudaya, 2 Jalan Bukit 11/2, PJ Time: 2:30pm Date: March 5, 2016

生活在欺瞒的年代 : 傅树介政治斗争回忆录

Author: Poh Soo Kai Format: Paperback 315 pp. ISBN: 9789670960135 Publisher: 策略资讯研究中心(SIRD) Published: 2016 Price: RM40.00   我想这本书是本地的一个突破。不按“新加坡的故事”的逻辑,把1950年代和1960年代的历史整合起来撰述,这也许是头一回。这将是当局、学者以及普通的新加坡人民必须正视的事情。  蔡秀敏,新加坡历史学者   从许多视点观察,这是一本了不起的书。傅树介医生从第一人称开始叙述他的外祖父,伟大的陈嘉庚,不仅仅止于一位慈善家,更是一位民族主义者兼社会主义者。跟着,他讲述早年在新加坡从事开胸心脏手术时期,崇高的个人抱负。傅医生谈到不得不放弃他所热爱的医疗事业,不是出于自愿,而是因为身陷囹圄,深深打动人心,他非常愤慨地说:“以剥夺我的个人权利作为要胁,让我屈服,我决不就范!”这一蔑视不屈的精神贯穿整本书,对终归失败的合并以及人民行动党和社会主义阵线之间的角力,广征博引、相互参照史料,详细叙述时,更加体现这种精神。更具重大意义的是,这是一部功力十足,认真查阅档案资料写就的新加坡历史,对学者和普通市民,都同样具有珍贵的参考价值。对于像我们这样的有所追求的活动分子,希望看到一个更民主和更公平的新加坡的人士,在今天,渡过了面对戴上指节铜环(knuckle duster)的当权者的年代后,这部著作,既令人鼓舞,也叫人须小心谨慎。傅医生对于获释的内安法令政治犯做了这样的描述:“随着我们的释放,他们竭尽所能,在其叙事当中,把我们的角色锁定为被打败的坏分子。”新加坡人思想束缚的解放,刚刚开始,在此过程中,这类书是非常必要的。   淡比雅(Paul Ananth Tambyah), 医学教授兼2015年大选新加坡民主党候选人