Fringe Benefits: Essays and Reflections on Malaysian Arts and Cinema

Author: Benjamin McKay
Format: Paperback, 277 pages
Subject: Arts & Culture
ISBN: 9789675832239
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2011
Price: RM40.00
Benjamin McKay’s love letter to Yasmin Ahmad: “In a country that often finds it hard to weep for itself, you cathartically spun magic. In a land of many races where mistrust and stereotype have become ingrained as false truths, you made your audiences weep and laugh and miraculously empathise with ‘their other’, the ‘other’ who dwells within.”

For the past decade, a number of pioneering independent and mainstream films have put Malaysian cinema and arts onto the global stage. They have also spurred Malaysians themselves into re-looking at well-trodden paths in creative ways.

This collection of essays and articles provides scholarly and accessible insights into some of these artistic works through the discerning eye and perspicacious writing of an Australian film scholar who had been resident in Malaysia for several years.

The late Benjamin Mckay was lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Monash University from 2006-2010. He also contributed regular film and art reviews for kakiseni and Off the Edge.

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