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Gender Responsive & Participatory Budgeting: Imperatives for Equitable Public Expenditure


Editor: Cecilia Ng
Format: Paperback 210 pp.
Subjects: Economics, Gender & Sexuality, Social Studies
ISBN: 9789670960036
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2016
Price: RM38.00

This unique book explores the exciting new democratic spaces that open up when budgets get participatory. The experiences of gender responsive budgeting (GRB) meet the world of participatory budgeting (PB), both of which have gained traction since the 1980s. The chapters bring together GRB and PB policy makers, practitioners, researchers and civil society actors to share and review their respective journeys. The book is a valuable contribution to current debates on re-thinking GRB and PB and the need to synergize both approaches to achieve gender equality, social justice and good governance. It is relevant to professionals in government and the private sector as well as to non-governmental organizations and students in gender and development and public policy.

“The book addresses the critical issue of citizen participation through a conversation between those involved in participatory budgeting and gender responsive budgeting approaches. It is rich in case studies and offers the promise of a new direction for entwining women’s and men’s participation by building a broad-based expertise in budget analysis and good financial governance” (Rhonda Sharp).

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