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Get Published | Strategic Information & Research Development Centre
Nakliyat Şirketi depolama istanbul evden eve nakliyat

Get Published

We welcome new authors and book proposals.

Please spend some time at looking at the kinds of books we have published recently as well as the books we distribute.

What To Send Us

  • A 1-page summary of the work. Be sure to tell us how many pages or words the full book will be.

  • Contents page

  • Estimated length of manuscript (current). (Estimate based on MS Word, 12 point font, Times New Roman or similar, 1 1/2 space; please include notes and appendices in word count.)

  • A sample of 20 to 30 pages, or the introduction and one chapter.

  • Your bio.

  • A brief description of how you think the book (and you, the author) could be marketed. For example, what audience will your book appeal to? How is your book similar to, and different from, other titles on the market? What qualities, experiences, etc., do you have that will attract readers to your book? What qualities, experiences, contacts, etc., do you have that will attract book reviewers and other media attention?

We look forward to reading your submission and we will reply to your email or to your mailed submission within 2 – 6 weeks (for a proposal only, not for a full MS).

We will then contact you directly to let you know if we would like to see the entire manuscript, with instructions on how it should be delivered.

Important: Please DO NOT typeset, design or format your chapters or files to ‘look like a book’. Use minimal formatting (headings and paragraphs). DO NOT add running heads, drop caps or anything fancy to your pages. Number your pages but do not bind them. Pages should be printed only on one side and one and a half or double spaced.

Academic Authors

SIRD prefers to publish original monographs and not edited volumes, but we will certainly consider edited volumes on topics which are under-represented. We will also consider dissertations on Malaysia or Southeast Asia although they have to be of exceptional appeal to a wider audience. (You will also have to be prepared to work hard and long on revising your dissertation and turning it into a book, even before the normal extensive editorial process.)

SIRD keeps working to build links within Malaysia, Southeast Asia and beyond to improve the marketing of local academic books as well as to bring in some of the most provocative and alternative new research and make it accessible and affordable for local readers. The worldwide market (that is, the number of copies of any particular title which is likely to be sold) for academic books on Southeast Asia is tiny, while the number of titles produced in English from university, NGO and independent presses such as ourselves keeps growing. It is important for prospective academic authors to understand how to work with us to make the best of their work.

Academic manuscripts will be subject to more external reviewing and rigorous editing for an international audience. If there are possibilities for co-publishing, the other party (press) will normally expect lengthy and rigorous peer reviewing. This is for your own good or rather for the good of the book but we will not be creating any mystique around it and will be keeping you informed. Please submit the names of two or three possible reviewers, and any other information which may help us to gain an audience for your book, draw attention to it in the right circles, and so on.

On any aspect of academic publishing and writing, whether monographs or edited volumes, we invite you to contact SIRD’s experienced consultant academic editor to discuss your proposal, and have some advice on how to retain your sanity while you prepare the MS, smooth the editorial and production process, and improve the chances of getting published as well as getting the book that you want out in a professional, reasonably timely and transparent manner.

Contact us for further information: gerak at gerakbudaya dot com, or gerakbudaya at gmail dot com

Gerakbudaya/SIRD as your publishing partner

Publishing Partnerships

Gerakbudaya/SIRD has, and is developing, publishing partnerships with a wide variety of local and international institutions, individuals and organisations. The range of services offered is flexible, and tailored to your publication needs, and includes layout design and formatting, typesetting, editorial services, marketing, sales and distribution.


Gerakbudaya/SIRD co-publishes titles by international and local publishers for the Malaysian/Southeast Asian market. This enables important new research and contemporary writing to be easily available to readers in this region.


Translation and territorial rights to new SIRD titles are available. In addition, Gerakbudaya/SIRD may be interested in purchasing the rights to individual selected titles for sale in Malaysia and/or Southeast Asia.


Gerakbudaya markets, sells and supplies books for a range of institutional presses, NGOs, universities and trade presses.

Books are sold directly through retail and campus bookstores, to our list of library customers, at relevant conferences, seminars, talks and book fairs, as well as online.

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