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Incubus of Intervention reviewed in Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs

JFK Johnson

In the latest issue of the Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs our great book on American intervention into Indonesian and West Papuan affairs during the Cold War, “The Incubus of Intervention: Conflicting Indonesia Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles“, gets reviewed!

The review by Bibhu Prasad Routray notes that many accounts of Indonesian politics in the 1960’s begin their narrative around a struggle between Sukarno’s central government and regional forces,
“Behind this simplistic reading of history, however, there is a complex narrative, which throws light on a web of deceit, intrigue and capitalist ambitions. Greg Poulgrain’s The Incubus of Intervention addresses this less talked about history of Indonesia.” 
As Greg Poulgrain argues that web of deceit was mainly the Indonesia strategy devised by Allen Dulles which led in the end to the overthrow of Sukarno, in opposition to the official policy of the White House at the time.
As Bibhu Prasad Routray reminds us when Sukarno’s widow outlined to then President General Ford the American efforts to destabilise Sukarno’s regime and asked him why they committed such crimes she received no reply.
Greg Poulgrain’s book perhaps begins to answer such a question and to explain the murkier side of American intervention in the region during the Cold War which has previously gone undocumented. For that reason Routray says of Incubus that,
All in all, Poulgrain’s book, The Incubus of Intervention, is indeed a richly sourced and thought-provoking account of Indonesia’s history, which is not taught in classrooms.
The full review can be accessed here.

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