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Just for the Love of It reviewed in Penang Monthly

In the latest edition of Penang Monthly our great book on popular music in Penang Just for the Love of It! gets reviewed by Marco Ferrarese.

Marco, who is soon to publish with us his own book on punk music in Southeast Asia  called Banana Punk Rawk Trails, writes that

It may be hard to believe, but once upon a time, Malaysia had women with silky, permed hair and short skirts shaking to the rhythms of Western rock ‘n’ roll. For this reason, the existence of popular music in the country has often been dismissed by those concerned with “moral decadence” as an inconvenient “mistake of times past”. Thankfully, with the launch of coffee-table book Just for the Love of It, the team at Strategic Information Research Development Centre (SIRD)/Gerakbudaya has come up with a volume that documents that age in all of its pictorial glory, acknowledging the glamorous past of a nation plagued by increasing religious conservatism.

Read more of the full review here!

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