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Language & Nation Building: A Study of the Language Medium Policy in Malaysia

Author: Alis Puteh
Format: Paperback, 239 pages
Subject: Social Studies
ISBN: 9789833782016
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2006
Price: RM23.00


This book constitutes a very good read as it has reverently recorded the history of the implementation of the national language policy, i.e. the Malay language as the medium of instruction in the Malaysian education system. This book can be briefly described as containing three main sections, which are:

1. The history of medium of instruction policy in the Malaysian education system.

2. The implementation process and its challenges from 1970-1983.

3. The implementation of English language policy in the Malaysian education system.

The effect of globalisation has caused many developing countries to adopt and use English in teaching Science and Mathematics in primary and secondary schools. Even though this policy implementation would normally go against the regulations set by the United Nations, academic research findings, as well as the voice of the large proportion of the populace, this policy has been forced upon the people by the directives from the leaders who blindly put their faith in this language. This can be witnessed to be happening in Malaysia, Africa, Philippines, Hong Kong, and ex-communist countries like Romania, Bulgaria and others. — Datuk Dr Hassan Ahmad


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