Nakliyat Şirketi depolama istanbul evden eve nakliyat

Law, Jurisprudence and Human Rights in Asia

Editors: Jefferson R. Plantilla & Salbiah Ahmad
Format: Paperback, 358 pages
Subject: Law
ISBN: 9789675832130
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2011
Price: RM50.00


Asian States report to the United Nations human rights treaty monitoring bodies on the existence of laws, policies, programs and even local legislations that support human rights. They also report on court decisions upholding human rights. To what extent are these laws, policies, and programs faithful to the provisions of the international human rights instruments? Do they have impact on government systems in addressing human rights-related issues? How far has the judiciary been able to apply the international human rights standards in their decisions? Has the judiciary been helpful in deepening the roots of international human rights standards in the national legal and judicial systems? Has it introduced new concepts that deserve adaptation as human rights principles? Finally, how do legal practitioners see the international human rights standards in terms of their work on human rights issues?

This study answers these questions in varied ways. Each State in this study has particular contexts and responses to human rights. No State has fully complied with human rights state obligations. But this study provides different experiences that should be further developed and employed to facilitate application of international human rights standards on concrete issues that confront people.

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