Nakliyat Şirketi depolama istanbul evden eve nakliyat

Malaysia: 45 years under the Internal Security Act

Author: Koh Swe Yong
Format: Hardback, 330 pages
Subjects: Law, Politics
ISBN: 9789832535461
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2004
Price: RM100.00
The greatest value of this book is to reveal the truth of our history. It helps us to understand how the government has so unjustly used the ISA to suppress dissidents and oppositions inside the country for the last 45 years. This book symbolises another effort by the civil society to oppose the ISA.

This book documents small and big events which took place right back to 1960, when the ISA was first implemented. It is a collection of events depicting how the ISA has been abused and misused in the last 45 years.

As citizens of Malaysia, should we not emulate the people of South Africa? Should we not make a concerted effort to have the ISA abolished in the cause of upholding “justice, democracy and the rule of law” in our country!


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