Malaysia’s Quest for Innovation: Progress and Lessons Learned

Authors: K. Thiruchelvam, Ng Boon-Kwee, VGR Chandran and Wong Chan-Yuan
Format: Paperback, 75 pages
Subject: Economics
ISBN: 9789675832833
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2013
Price: RM20.00
“Malaysia’s macroeconomic story since independence in 1957 is truly remarkable. From an economy that was entirely dependent on primary commodities, it has successfully navigated over the course of its brief history to become a multi-sector economy with manufacturing and services propelling its growth to its current emphasis on innovation.  It has achieved robust economic growth for most parts of its history but is finding itself dogged by weak technological dynamism due to structural features of the economy.  
This book provides an excellent overview on Malaysia’s science, technology and innovation. It details the country’s present STI landscape and sketches some of the key challenges the country will have to address in its ambition of becoming an innovation-driven economy by the end of the decade. I am pleased to see that the research that was commissioned for the OECD Review of Innovation in Southeast Asia is brought out through this publication, and I warmly commend the authors for their efforts in disseminating this important work.”

– Dr. Gang Zhang
Principal Administrator and Senior Economist
OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry


“The successful latecomers of Japan, Korea and Taiwan targeted science, technology and innovation (STI) infrastructure as the springboard to drive economic growth. This book takes a leaf out of these successful developers to examine Malaysia’s prospects of graduating into a developed nation by 2020. While acknowledging the significant progress achieved since the 1990s in which massive investments were made into creating high technology organizations, physical infrastructure and incentives and grants to support technological upgrading, the book presents the stark reality facing the country, that is, a STI infrastructure that has continued to lag behind the successful latecomers. The book provides a lucid introduction for those who may not be familiar with Malaysia’s STI infrastructure. It presents the country’s achievements, the deficiencies, and what needs to be done to free it from the middle income trap. This is indeed a commendable piece of research.”

– Prof. Dr Rajah Rasiah
Khazanah Nasional Chair on Regulatory Studies
University of Malaya Centre of Regulatory Studies


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