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Our Stories: Migration and Labour in Taiwan

Author/Editor: Ku Yu-ling
Format: Paperback 337 pp.
Subject: Social Studies
ISBN: 9789675832260
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2011
Price: RM40.00
Our Stories is not only about the lives of individuals; it is also a collective and social history of Taiwan. This is the contribution of Yu-ling and the activists in solidarity with the marginalized and the grassroots for the past two decades.”
– J
eng Tsuen-chyi, founder of Raging Citizens Act Now (RCAN)
“Without Yu-Ling’s excellent book, will i ever cry for ‘Our Stories’? No. What Yu-ling has accomplished is to translate ‘Us’ for ‘Them’, so that they know…
– Hou Hsiao-hsien, internationally renowned film director
“Yu-ling has given an entirely new meaning to the international boundaries of ‘Us’. Her book has humbled, shamed and shocked us… this is a truly moving book.”
– Lo Yi-Chin, novelist
“This is a highly literary book; the author has successfully fused literature and reportage together. Yu-ling has given us a unique perspective about the new migrants in our society, and described each and every one of them in a sensitive and sophisticated way with ease. It is a book difficult to put down once you have started reading.”
– Chen Kuan-hsing, a
uthor of De-imperialization: Asia as method

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