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Rethinking Race and Communism in the Malayan Emergency – Dr Rachel Leow

Event Details

Date : 12 July 2015, Sunday
Time : 2:30 pm
Venue : Rumah Gerakbudaya

The Malayan Emergency is viewed uncritically today as a period of insurgency wrought largely by Chinese communists. This talk seeks alternatives to an ethnicized model of the history of Malayan communism.

First, it offers a critical account of the management of the Emergency in ethnic terms under the British. Secondly, it explores some of the contexts with which we might understand and historicize communism in Malaysia.

It reconsiders the ways in which Malayan communism may not be best understood simply as a “Chinese” phenomenon, but one which reflected the international, national, social and moral instincts of a complex, turbulent age — an age long past, but whose legacies still shape our uneasy present.

Speaker : Dr Rachel Leow, Faculty of History, Cambridge university

Moderator : Dr. Christopher Chong, Aliran Exco, UTAR Lecturer

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