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Symposia – Call for Papers

Our first three events in the Symposia series have all been concerned with the current state of Malaysian higher education. In particular they have been concerned with the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education) and the ideas behind the Blueprint and its potential to transform the nature of Higher Education in Malaysia.

Based on our panel talks, workshops and group discussions Paul Lim and Geoff Williams are now looking to edit a collection of critical essays on the Higher Education Blueprint bringing together stakeholders from the Malaysian education community including current and former University Senior Managers, current and former university academics, students and external stakeholders. It’s working title is “Reforming Higher Education: The Malaysian Experience”.

The aim is then to provide an overview of Malaysian higher education, its history and development, previous reform policies and outcomes and issues related to the current reform blueprint. It will also offer some new ideas covering issues that are often overlooked. Some lines of reflection include:


  1. Who wrote and contributed to this blueprint?
  2. Where does the blueprint say to start from?
  3. What is positive in it?
  4. What is lacking in it?
  5. What is overlooked in it?
  6. Why is there this lacuna?
  7. Why is there such a blueprint?
  8. What drives this blueprint?
  9. Who benefits from the blueprint?

For further information on the structure of the edited volume, and the proposed chapters and themes you can find the full proposal here.





To submit your proposals, papers or if you have any queries please contact

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