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The Malay Rulers: Regression or Reform?

Author: Syed Husin Ali
Format: Paperback 86 pp.
Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia, Politics, Social Studies
ISBN: 9789675832949
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2013
Price: RM20.00
This small book deals with a big subject – the traditional Rulers of Malaysia. There are nine such Rulers, comprising seven Sultan, a Raja and a Yang di-Pertuan Besar, for nine Malay States. Besides these Rulers, there is also the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for the whole country, who is elected in rotation every five years by the nine Rulers.

The Author’s approach in this book is from three perspectives, namely, contemporary, historical and comparative. From the contemporary perspective, he examines the position, role and power of the Rulers now as provided by law and as practised. From the historical angle, he traces the changes the Institution of Royalty has undergone over time owing to different events or influences leading to the present. Comparatively, he looks at Malaysia within the context of different systems in various countries and the positions of their respective Rulers and the changes they have experienced.

Finally, the book tries to do the almost impossible – to predict the likely future for the Malay Rulers. Here, it avoids being sensational or controversial.

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