The Malayan Communist Party As Recorded in the Comintern Files


Author: Fujio Hara
Format: Paperback 164 pp.
Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2016
ISBN: 9789670960531
Price: RM30.00

Comintern (Communist International, 1919-1943) files kept in a Russian Archive were opened to the public in 1991. Various documents relating to the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) were contained therein. Relying on these documents, this research reveals many important and hitherto unknown facts. Consulting with previous works done by C.F. Yong, Cheah Boon Kheng and others, we can identify the extent to which the British colonial Special Branch intercepted them.

The inaugural congress of the MCP, which initially depended heavily on the Comintern’s instructions, was held on 22-23 April and 21 May 1930. Consistent pivotal points of the instructions were to refrain from armed insurgency and to make every effort to obtain the support of Malays and Indians. Although instructions were stopped after 1935, the MCP continued sending reports until the Pacific War started. These reports depict its internal disputes between the left wing and the right wing, which is supposed to have been headed by Lai Teck. Without instructions from the Comintern, the MCP further strengthened its influence among the people through labour as well as anti-Japanese movements.

About the Author

Fujio Hara (Hara Fujio in Japanese order) earned his PhD from the University of Tokyo. After working at the Institute of Developing Economies from 1967-99, he became a Professor at Nanzan University (1999-2012). He has at various times been attached to Universiti Sains Malaysia, the University of Malaya, Xiamen University, and the Yusof Ishak Institute-ISEAS. His main works include The Japanese in British Malaya (1986) and Malayan Chinese and China (1997)

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