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Tinderbox: US Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism

Author: Stephen Zunes
Subject: Politics
ISBN: 1842772597
Published: 2003
Price: RM48.00


This book explains the tragedy of US policy in the Middle East. Professor Zunes powerfully illustrates how the more the United States has militarized the region, the less secure we have become. Perhaps more importantly, he shows how we have become the target of terrorist bot because of our values but because our foreign policy has strayed from those values. It is particularly refreshing to find someone who not only recognizes that Palestinian rights and Israeli security are dependent on each other, but understands how US policy has harmed the prospects for both. The list of tragic blunders and policy debacles Zunes details is a long one, yet he concludes with clear policy alternatives and a sincere hope that, through citizen action our government’s pursuit of Pax Americana will some day be replaced by a quest for justice and sustainable peace.

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