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Tommy Thomas’s Books Reviewed at

Tommy Thomas’s two latest books Abuse of Power and Anything but the Law received a great review recently on alongside an interview with the author in which he explains why he decided to embark on this project.

Abuse of Power cover Anything But The Law cover


As Tommy Thomas writes, it was a fear of his articles being lost to the archives which encouraged him to begin the process of compiling them into two volumes, one on the law, the other emphatically not.

Yet as the reviewer notes, some themes are common to both books and in particular religion which Thomas often discusses in reference to the violent attacks on place of worship in late 2009-2010 and in reference to the concept of Malaysia as an “Islamic State”.

Whilst racialised politics is another major theme of both books. As Tommy Thomas told the reviewer in reference to the abolition of the Lain-Lain category in Sarawak:

It’s a shame that Peninsular Malaysia will not emulate Sarawak, which has always been more tolerant and accepting of the plural nature of the nation’s population.

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