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Voices from the Rainforest: Testimonies of a Threatened People

Author/Editor: Bruno Manser
Format: Paperback 294 pp.
Subjects: Environment & Ecology, Social Studies
ISBN: 9789670960012
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2015
Price: RM50

  “The inhabitants of the rainforest must be allowed to speak for themselves,” wrote Bruno Manser in 1992. At first glance, a European living with the Penan of Sarawak may have seemed like a quaint curiosity, but Manser was careful to redirect public attention to where it was most needed – the plight of his adopted people, beleaguered by human rights abuses and the destruction of their home. 

Voices from the Rainforest tells the story of logging in Sarawak, its devastating effects on indigenous people, and government collusion with their suffering. It’s a chronicle of injustice, brutality and resistance, recounted by Penan themselves, while Manser’s illustrations bring the rainforest to life. This book is an essential record of the injustices suffered by the Penan in the 1980s and 1990s, and a reminder that the struggle is not over yet.
“Bruno Manser did more than anyone else to bring tropical deforestation to the world’s attention – until he mysteriously disappeared in Malaysian Borneo. Twenty years after its release, this book remains a must-read for everyone interested in the plight of the Penan and the world’s indigenous peoples.”
           — Lukas Straumann, Author of Money Logging

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